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DIRECT is a project started by Consec Technologies to accomplish the concept of “A website for every club and society”. DIRECT is exclusively for clubs and societies in educational institutes and any other non-profit organisations.

At Consec Technologies, we understood how much clubs and non-profit organisations contribute to our society. Unfortunately, we saw how their work is overlooked by most people and also, how a lot non-profit organisations fade out over time due to not having enough funds to operate. Social clubs and organisations are almost entirely operating from the funds they acquire from their events. That’s why we created a free mobile app called “GroupLobby”, for social clubs and non-profit organisations to broadcast their upcoming events and other important announcements. GroupLobby allows social clubs to reach more people and get them interested about their events and activities. More people attending the events means that they can get more funding by their sponsors expand the club. It is currently running successfully in many countries around the world and has allowed a pathway for students in many universities to easily stay in touch with their favourite clubs on campus.

We then saw the advantage of having a website to show other information and most importantly the photos at the events they conduct. Hence, we came up with the idea of “DIRECT” to allow all the clubs and non-profit organisations on GroupLobby to have their own website with a domain that is easy to remember (example.direct.ac). This is a completely free service running alongside with GroupLobby aimed to improve the functionality of social clubs in educational institutes as well as non-profit organisations.

If you are part of any club at an educational institute or a non-profit organisation, contact us and we will sign you up with GroupLobby to broadcast your events and also give you a website custom made just for your club or organisation. And once again, this will be done entirely free because at Consec Technologies we understand how much you already contribute to our society everyday.

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